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Rice bran oil polyphenol 3x 400g

Rice bran oil polyphenol 3x 400g

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We travel to locations around the world, including Japan, to carefully select reliable rice crude oil. Rice oil refined by Tsukino Foods using safe and secure rice as raw material.

Using our unique manufacturing method, we have retained three times (*) more natural polyphenols than rice. It is mild and has no taste, bringing out the flavor of the ingredients.

Because it is resistant to oxidation, it is recommended for all kinds of dishes, such as dressings, mayonnaise, stir-fries, and heated cooking.

  • Contains approximately 3 times more natural polyphenols (*)
  • You can cook comfortably with less oil-sickening substances.

*Comparison with rice bran oil made using our domestically produced rice bran

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