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Tom yum soup paste 35g

Tom yum soup paste 35g

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``Guan Soon'', which started as a spice brand, also makes instant paste using its high-quality spices.

The bestseller is Tom Yum Soup Paste, which is known as one of the world's three greatest soups for its spiciness and sourness.

This tom yum paste is a unique blend of herbs and spices such as lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, chili pepper, and Thai ginger.

By dissolving the paste in hot water and adding your favorite ingredients such as shrimp, chicken, and mushrooms, you can easily recreate the authentic taste of Thailand in about 5 minutes.

The good thing about paste is that the flavor of the ingredients blends into the soup, allowing you to create your own taste.

It is a masterpiece that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, such as tom yum soup, tom yum noodles when combined with Chinese noodles, and tom yum fried rice when added as a seasoning for fried rice.

Gathering fresh ingredients to make tom yum in Japan is quite time-consuming.

With this paste, you can easily make authentic tom yum soup. Please enjoy the taste of Thailand at home.

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