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Pressed Ichiban Shibori Domestic Rice Oil 300g

Pressed Ichiban Shibori Domestic Rice Oil 300g

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``Squeezed Ichiban Shibori Domestic Rice Rice Oil'' is a special domestic rice oil made using a pressing method that has been used since the Edo period.
Rice bran contains only 20% oil, and only half of that can be extracted using pressure alone without using solvents.
This is a valuable edible oil that is packed with rich nutrients from domestically produced rice bran and rice germ that are extracted using natural methods.
It is mild and has no taste, bringing out the flavor of the ingredients.
Because it is resistant to oxidation, it is recommended for all kinds of dishes, such as dressings, mayonnaise, stir-fries, and heated cooking.

  • Nutrient functional food (vitamin E)
  • Contains more of the natural ingredients ``γ-oryzanol'' and ``phytosterol'' unique to rice bran oil.

*Vitamin E is a nutrient that protects lipids in the body from oxidation and helps maintain cell health due to its antioxidant effect.

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